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About US

The Legacy of the late Unknown Emperor marks the official formation of the Empire of the hand. On the death of the Emperor, an empire is reformed. The voice of four spoke on behalf of many. Bring Chiss values with non Chiss values in careful union. All races become equal. All welcomed into our ranks. All have the right to the basic freedoms within the charter.


The Empire of the hand is an old idea based on old hopes. A dream given form. For sometime now the idea has become reality, even if the name was different. A practical expression of what a real community can do. Determined, to lead a free and where ever possible a life of a diplomatic and cultural contact. Not simply a mining faction we are a of way of life.


A Philosophy


Most important of all an ethos burning at the core of all beings.


This is the Empire of the hand.


Based in Kriz and Varada Sectors with a total of 4 systems with a number of planets, Berrol's Donn was named as the capital planet. The planet Gunthar has become the main commerce hub and trade hub for the Kriz Sector which has lead to an influx of many different races. The newly discovered Bestal System in the Varada Sector is the latest edition to the Empire.


Always on the look out for new talent, new mining and building contracts, be it contracts from upcoming or established entrepreneur or large and small groups within our galaxy. Our company is matched with professionalism, enthusiasm, pride and honor.


Four Voices. Many Races. One Empire.